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Ripped 'Gymfluencer' Steven Kelly Opens Up about His Skims Underwear Photo Shoot

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Steven Kelly went from model to fitness influencer and now to Skims underwear model. The hunky social media star, who is known for giving retro '80s vibes, opened up about his career, getting ripped, and his favorite underclothes styles in a wide-ranging chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

The 27-year-old former model has partnerships with nutrition products company GNC and with Celsius Energy Drinks, THR noted, but his gig with Skims was something quite different, as Kelly found himself shivering in front of strangers, wearing next to nothing, during the Skims shoot.

"I was one of, I want to say, over 20 guys – there's such a wide variety of the guys they selected for the shoot and I think Skims does a great job with the diversity they choose with their talent," Kelly detailed, adding that the shoot featured "was a very cool batch of badass-looking dudes. A lot of tattoos."

The popular fitness influencer related that the shoot was "the first time I've ever been in my skivvies up in front of" so many people, explaining that a photo shoot of that sort is "a big production."

Kelly explained, "You're up there in front of 20 to 30 people, all kind of staring at you, and you're in the spotlight and it's cold in the room and you're trying to keep the blood flowing all throughout your body."

"But yeah, man, once you're up there and the team is very supportive – kind of giving you the little step-by-steps of what to do – you're comfortable," the stud told THR.

After modeling for years – he was scouted at age 17 – Kelly transitioned into the social media space after being told he was getting too muscular for modeling work. He detailed having been "somebody on social media six, seven years ago and then quote-unquote falling off and not really doing it" for a while.

"Maybe over a year ago, I said, 'Let me go to the gym with a videographer and let me see if I can potentially do something with this social media.' Kind of go back to my roots of me lifting weights, me being that athlete that I was when I grew up," he said.

"And then over the last year, man, it's just been a whirlwind of a complete and utter career change," he continued.

But the modeling for Skims, Kelly said, was an exception.

"It's been me in the gym catching a little vibe with my crazy '80s, '90s retro gym fit," the thirst trap-worthy social media celeb said of his posts, adding, "if it motivates them to get out of a couch, that motivates them to just, I don't know, put a smile on their face when they're watching me have fun doing what I love. That's all that matters to me."

As for his pro tips for getting fit, Kelly cited "routine" and took note of the need for people not to get discouraged with a process that takes time.

"I exercise, personally, four to five times a week," Kelly listed. "I get good sleep. A lot of people, they mess up their sleep schedules and they wonder why their body's not fully recovered or they're not putting on the muscle that they're anticipating.... Good healthy foods. And then I like to shoot for a gallon of water daily. Definitely want to continue high with your electrolytes."

"And most importantly, I would say enjoying the process, having fun with it, man."

Kelly also had fun with the undies he showed off for the Skims shoot, recalling for THR that "the good old Speedo, those kind of European ones" were his "all-time favorite."

"It was kind of the statement piece," the heartthrob enthused. "They're cool. I like the waistband and you're putting yourself out there and you got to own it, especially when you're in front of all those people."

That said, Kelly went on to add: "I was probably the most confident in the tighty whities, for sure."

The influencer also announced the name of his impending line of athletic wear.

"It's Skelly Threads," he told THR. "I don't want to tie it necessarily just to me, I want it to have a broad range. I want ladies to wear it, I want guys to wear it, doesn't matter your shape, it doesn't matter your gender. They're very suitable for any body type."

Check out some of Kelly's Insta pics and see why fans are following him in droves.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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