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InstaHunk: Getting to Know Out Social Media Influencer and Doctor Andrew Neighbors

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 3 MIN.

LGBTQ+ YouTube fans surely remember the intellectually and sexually stimulating social media presence of Andrew Neighbors. A real-life optometrist who does influencer work in his spare time, Neighbors combines a goofy personality with a remarkable body to attract hundreds of thousands of fans to both his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

He's not as active online as he was back in the mid-to-late 2010s, but Neighbors will still occasionally appear with a hot vacation thirst trap or a trip into his personal life. Here are the best posts to get to know this adorable doctor!

Neighbors flexes for the camera while claiming he spilled on his pants. Most fans weren't looking for the mess, though, instead enjoying the view of the influencer's incredible toned physique and good-natured giggles.

Neighbors shows himself in his truest state: as an optometrist. Unlike other popular social media stars, he focuses most of his time on his medical professionalism and uses thirst traps and YouTube videos as a side hustle and personal hobby. Thirsty fans loved seeing Neighbors in his doctor's shirt and with his signature optimistic smile!

by Shawn Laib

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