On The EDGE: Amy Armstrong


In the dazzling world of showbiz, Amy Armstrong shines like a disco ball - a legendary icon with a voice as heavenly as a choir of gay angels and a wit that could outshine a drag queen's sequin gown. She's not just any singer; she's a diva who mixes beats and belly laughs, serving unforgettable moments to anyone lucky enough to catch her act.

Amy's world tour has been a rainbow journey from the streets of San Francisco to the cafes of Paris, touching hearts and tickling funny bones. More than just a performance, her shows are love letters to the audience, packed with giggles, high notes, and the occasional tearjerker. A true queen of the queer community, Amy has sashayed onto countless stages, from Pride parades to gay galas, preaching a gospel of love, fabulosity, and togetherness.

What sets Amy apart isn't just her jaw-dropping talent or her steadfast support for the LGBTQ+ fam. It's her bravery in sharing her personal battle with cancer, lighting up a path of hope and solidarity. Amy shows us that vulnerability is strength, and that in the family of humankind, no one fights alone.

So, as we roll out the rainbow carpet for Amy Armstrong on this cruise, we're not just welcoming an entertainer; we're embracing a shimmering force of nature, a warrior of love, and a fab ally. Get ready for a ride of soul-stirring melodies and side-splitting comedy, all wrapped up in one fabulous package.

Amy, darling, thank you for the music, the laughs, and the sheer courage. Cheers to a voyage filled with magical tunes, uncontrollable laughter, and memories that sparkle brighter than a disco ball.

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